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topic posted Sun, February 27, 2005 - 12:17 AM by  tumbleweed
I'm new to Tribe and am constantly amazed every time I come on and discover new stuff. I love to go to figure drawing workshops, and would love to discover some new ones in the LA area if anyone can fill me in. Anyone ever go the YWCA drawing workshop in Santa Monica? Sara Streeter is modeling there this tuesday I hear. She's got to be the greatest model I've ever drawn, and she's a sweetheart.
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    Fri, April 1, 2005 - 3:13 PM
    I know of two life drawing workshops I really love.
    One is at El Camino College the last Sunday of every month. Check out for specifics (think that's right). Its all day and lately there have three rooms. Long, short and medium poses.

    Also Angels Gate in San Pedro on Tues, 7- 10 pm. Nice small group, friendly, mellow vibes, very professional models. Ten bucks for 3 hours - hard to beat that!

    Maybe I'll see ya there.

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    Sat, April 2, 2005 - 4:58 PM
    If i may ask, what is it that makes a life drawing model so wonderful?
    I too model for drawing classes, well did (recently moved), i feel that sometimes i'm 'on', while other times i seem so boring to draw. The artits say they enjoy drawing me, however i haven't ever gotten the 'why' reasons...
    Would you,,,Could you enlighten me...from your own perspective?
    sarablue ...
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      Mon, April 4, 2005 - 11:25 AM
      sorry, I havn't looked in here in a long time. I used to model for drawing workshops too, and a lot of the time I felt I was boring, but everyone enjoyed drawing anyway. Sometimes just having the naked form in front of you is all it takes.
      But to answer you, what makes a model really great, in my eye, is first, most importantly, they stay still! and take interesting poses that twist and show fluidity are always a plus. Not all models can hold a pose like that. Also, the models that are also artists seem to really know how to pose and a lot of times reenact a painting of a great nude. Also giving all the artists at the group different views of you so they arn't drawing your legs or arms or head in the same possitions all night. Is that helpfull at all?
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        Tue, April 5, 2005 - 1:45 AM
        There are things I find dificult to express in words like the answer to this question. Staying still is nt something I would put in the qualities. the artist has to adapt to his model and if he/she mooves a llittle beat ; it is nt a great deal, I prefer to draw a live model than a statue, and life is about motion.The ideal model for me is a prefarably a woman ( sorry guys , I find you real dificult to enjoy sketching) , ideally a woman with some shapes (vs a skin on the bones one) and most of all , a woman with presence and energy; someone who puts intensity in her pose, in that respect , models who are dancers too naturally do that. I would to be able to better express this, maybe some of you know whaty I mean and would express it in a better way.
        I have allways been in favor of shorts poses , like 5 minutes or 10 minutes a the most. this is not enough to go into complex rendering and more than enough to capture the essential.
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          Wed, April 6, 2005 - 1:44 AM
          I think it all depends on the type of drawings an artist does. I like the short poses just for warming up, but I love to have an hour long pose at the end, which a lot of people hate. I tend to do very tight very realistic drawings, as opposed to the more fun and energetic type, which is why I prefer a still model. I like to torture myself a little. But I too prefer women models, the more shapely and fleshier the better. There are a few male models I like to draw though. They are usually dancers and gay.
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          Wed, April 6, 2005 - 8:18 PM
          I'll throw my two cents in with moox.

          I do best when I have some type of emotional response to the model - a sense (real or imagined) of who they are. Dancers have a way of using their bodies to express. Some models to it naturally. It helps if its a model I have drawn before.

          I like quick poses cause I tend to overwork. I feel like I need to do longer poses, so that I can practice making choices about what to put down and when to stop.

          I haven't been to a life drawing thing in a long time. I need to get my butt back out there.
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            Thu, April 7, 2005 - 8:09 AM
            Jana, you really have a good eye it's apity you gave it up. I did too for 20 years and was more than happy to take it back. guess i became kind of addcited to it again. . a good way to start again is to have the people around you do short poses for you. soon, you'l want to get out of the house to do it in a more specific mind space.
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              Thu, April 7, 2005 - 8:11 PM
              Thanks moox!

              You have an impressive range of work. Your ink pieces are really luscious!

              Actually, it was 'bout 20 years for me as well and I picked it up again about a year ago. I was being pretty good about drawing - going to lifedrawing workshops weekly and drawing at home. But I haven't done anything for the past 3-4 months.

              I feel a little guilty.

              Thats what I meant by a long time, this time... so it was a really long time and then a short time that just feels like a long time. If that makes sense. The work I posted is recent.

              Its a struggle to keep working a priority - life keeps getting in the way.

              Do you mind telling me a little bit about how you do this ink drawings?
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      Thu, April 7, 2005 - 2:42 PM
      As some other folks have agreed, I like stillness, and longer poses (though the longest I've drawn is 30-minute poses).
      The best description of a good pose that I can come up with, which matches what I look for in my own self-portrait photos: I like to see the body as architecture, the body pieces (arms, legs, breasts, nose, etc.) as building blocks. When I draw, I want to see a pose that looks interesting not because of the model's own beauty, but because the model's arranged his/her self/parts in an interesting pattern. Interesting lines, angles, light contrasts, etc.
      I certainly appreciate attractive models, but I'd rather draw a plain-looking model with legs and arms twisted together than an attractive one standing straight upright with arms dangling by his/her sides.
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        Fri, April 8, 2005 - 12:20 PM
        It's been awesome to read all the feedback. Thanks!
        I do notice that folks seem to really enjoy my 'twists'.
        Where i was modeling before i moved away, i would go through a series of poses...flowing (counting in my head)...each 30 seconds, about 10 of these. Then i would move into 1 minute poses. Next would be the 10 minutes poses. Usually 10 min. was the longest. Sometimes i gave 15 or 20 minutes, depending on time left in class. Personally as a model i like the short poses. I get to be more creative while staying in the zone. Sometimes on a long pose i find myself drifting away...maybe that comes through into the drawing??? Not sure. Half hour poses would be the longest i would want to do. And heck, it can be tough hanging out in one position for too body is getting older & can feel it!! YIKES!

        I would pose on Thursday nights, then a different woman would pose Friday mornings. The artists always got a kick out of this combo.
        Me: super thin and toned. Her: super curvy and round.
        The drastic change kept them on their toes! I feel most folks enjoy drawing 'more' than 'less', so i'm glad i have still found my place!
        ~ sarablue ...

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